Do you know the story of Blackland Industries? Over the years the company has grown into a trusted construction and general contracting services company, and we are proud of the journey that started twelve years ago.

How it started

In 2006 when Helmi Müller saw a gap in the market and opened a paint retail store – Boland Paint Corporation – in Malmesbury.

Soon after starting the business, he realized that the paint retailing market in the area was far more competitive than initially anticipated. Following an aggressive marketing campaign and perhaps a touch of luck, Müller penetrated the contracting market in the area. His instinct had told him that contracting showed better growth potential, as it lacked service and quality driven companies.

Business starts booming

Boland Paint Corporation became BPC Painters and Renovators and one of South Africa’s premium painting contractors was born! Müller soon teamed up with his childhood friend, Franco Van der Westhuizen, and established another branch in George. BPC was quickly running operations throughout the Western Cape, providing quality workmanship and service excellence to some of the biggest property funds and corporates in South Africa.

Helmi Muller and Franco Van der Westhuizen

Helmi Muller and Franco Van der Westhuizen

Müller and Van der Westhuizen made the logical but bold decision to form the BPC Group. The BPC Group rapidly morphed into a diversified construction and real estate Investment Company with holdings in various construction related companies.

Blackland Industries is born

In 2014 the group took further brave strides to consolidate all the brands accumulated over recent years into one singular brand that would resonate with our beginnings in the “Swartland” – and so the Blackland concept came to life. Further motivation for the name comes from the reference of rich, dark, fertile soil being “black land” – a metaphor for how we envisage each market we enter.

2014 continued its significance for the company that was started by a retailer accidentally turned contractor… Müller and his Directors carried the Blackland theme forward to a unified brand – Blackland Industries was born.