Drywall is one of the world’s most popular building materials. Using panels of gypsum board, it offers a cost-effective, efficient means to create internal walls without traditional bricks and mortar. From partitions and divisions to recessed and niche walls, you can complete internal renovations and improvements in a snap.

Sound amazing? We think so too – here are more reasons why.

Quick and Cost-effective

An internal drywall doesn’t require foundations or brickwork, which makes it quick to install. In fact, building with drywall is five to eight times faster than using other construction materials! With less time spent on construction and labour, your costs will decrease too.

An added bonus? There will be less mess and disruption.

Easy to repair

If drywall is damaged it is very quick and easy to repair. Chips, cracks and holes can be fixed much faster than those in plaster.

Energy efficient

Drywall helps to insulate your home or office, helping to keep air cool in summer and warm in winter. This will reduce your electricity costs all year round.


Drywall is amazingly versatile. It can be shaped or moulded according to your specs, giving you the freedom to create the space you imagine.

Furthermore, there are types of drywall which are moisture and mould resistant. This means it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, pool areas and more.


Drywall can be customised to be soundproof. Insulation is installed into the cavity of the wall, helping to absorb sound and maintain a peaceful environment.


Drywall is fire resistant, making it a sensible choice for property owners.


Drywall looks very attractive, presenting a smooth, seamless surface that creates adds to the quality of your interiors. It can be finished with paint, wallpaper, laminates and more.

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Installing drywall is fairly straightforward, but for a perfect result we recommend using a qualified professional. Blackland Industries offers drywalling, ceiling and partitioning services to residential, commercial and industrial clients – contact us today for more information.