Why concrete and structural repairs are important

Our team will inspect and assess any damage Are you ready to renovate? If so, remember that giving a building a new look is not just about the aesthetics; it's also about attending to any structural defects. All buildings experience wear and tear over time, which is why concrete and structural repairs might [...]

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Farewell to face brick

Face brick has been a popular look in South Africa for many years, popular for being low maintenance and cost-effective. However, over time face brick can look dated, get weathered or become stained. The solution? Painting your face brick walls. This is a permanent change that will radically alter the appearance of your home, but [...]

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Easy paint projects for your home

Do you feel like giving your home a fresh look? An easy and fairly cost-effective way is to do some painting. Unleash your creativity and inner-DIY guru with these simple projects. Modernise a brass chandelier Image courtesy of HGTV An old brass chandelier is not what one would associate with a contemporary home. [...]

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Paint your property this Winter

Maintaining your property's paintwork is important for retaining its value and aesthetic appearance. As we head into the Autumn months and cooler weather approaches, it might not seem like the best time to consider painting your home or offices. The good news is that Autumn and Winter can be the perfect seasons for the job! [...]

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Hot paint trends for 2016

Are you looking for colour inspiration? We just love the 2016 Plascon Colour Forecast, which showcases several hot looks for the year ahead. With a bit of creativity and a few coats of paint, you can transform your environment into a totally different and invigorating space. Element This peaceful colour scheme includes a gentle palette [...]

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Blackland Painting And Lynwol Gardens

Blackland Painting has completed the first phase of Lynwol Gardens and has been awarded the next phase. This building has been brought back to life from a derelict state and will soon be demanding better returns for the owners and surrounding properties.

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It’s time to paint your roof

During the rainy Winter months it’s not unusual to discover roof leaks in your home. These irritating flaws can lead to long-term damage, so it’s vital to keep your roof in good condition. A large part of this includes painting your roof and keeping it well maintained. Why paint your roof? A newly painted roof [...]

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Painting during Winter: It really works!

You probably would not consider painting during the cold Winter months. However, thanks to improved paint technology, it is possible to paint interiors and exteriors during Winter and get good results. Modern paints dry fast, adhere well, and apply well in moderate temperatures. Of course, it's not only using the right paint that makes the [...]

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