The power of epoxy flooring

Epoxy floor coatings have become a popular choice for commercial and industrial flooring, and with good reason too. This slick, glossy flooring not only looks good, it is tough, durable and incredibly versatile. From airports and factories to hospitals and sports facilities, epoxy flooring is a sensible choice for a long-lasting, attractive flooring solution.

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The modern fireplace

Is the winter cold is getting a bit much? It could be time to invest in a new fireplace for your home.A fireplace is not just a practical addition, it can also be a statement piece that becomes a focal point in your living area. The flickering warmth of flames creates an inviting ambience and [...]

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The braai area re-imagined

Tomorrow is National Braai Day, so to get in the spirit we checked out Pinterest for some stunning outdoor entertainment areas. Gone are the days of boring paved patios; the braai area is now a chic space to entertain and make a decor statement. If you would like to re-imagine your home's outdoor entertaining area [...]

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Make plastic fantastic

Plastic Bottle Village from MEL Films on Vimeo. Here's an idea we applaud for its creativity and eco-friendly sass. After collecting more than a million plastic bottles, Robert Bezeau had the novel idea to build an entire village out of plastic bottles. Upon hearing that there could easily be more plastic than fish in the [...]

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Amazing doors

From classic, elegant designs to wildly creative styles, a door is a wonderful opportunity to express your tastes and ideas. Here are some fabulous doors from around the world for your inspiration. All images from Pinterest.

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Luxury vinyl: A hot trend

Vinyl was once considered to be a low-budget flooring option, but modern vinyl looks amazing and feels fantastic too. This fast-growing flooring trend is thanks to new technology, which has given vinyl a fresh look and a much higher standard of quality. There are two types of vinyl: “click in” vinyl floors (which are quicker [...]

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SA Property is a Solid Investment

A man's home is his castle, so the saying goes. Amidst the tough global economic climate, it's good to know there is still good news about SA's property sector. Here are three articles highlighting the value of property ownership in our beautiful country. Planning on building your dream home? Chat to Blackland Industries about our [...]

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