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Blackland is a trusted construction
company. Our fanatical
attention to detail and consistency,
as well as a “never being satisfied”
attitude, has established Blackland
as the obvious choice for property
owners and professionals.

With our commitment to financial transparency and a team of highly qualified and experienced people managing your project, we believe that our tailored project management offering is the best solution for you.

Our brand is not defined by
our logo but by the value we
create for our customers.

Construction Services

  • Building of new homes
  • Commercial restorations

Construction Portfolio

Construction FAQs

Blackland Industries has been in the construction business since 2006.
Blackland Industries has been involved with the construction, maintenance, preservation and repair of hundreds of buildings and homes.
Blackland Industries specializes in the building of new upmarket residential homes in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Blackland Industries is also involved with the restoration of commercial and residential properties.
Yes, in South Africa it is a legal requirement to be part of the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) if you are a home builder. The NHBRC is a home building regulator body.
We are a boutique building company. We don’t want to be the biggest construction company in South Africa; we want to be the best. We only take on a certain number of projects at any given time, as we believe that our product is worth the wait. We strive to handle every job we undertake with fanatical attention to consistency and detail. Our number 1 core value is service to the customer above all else.
When working with Blackland Industries you are covered by the fact that all materials are SABS approved and the installers offer full and comprehensive guarantees.
Our project coordinators work hand in hand with the best architects to ensure we deliver your dream home with top workmanship, on time and in budget.
We offer different solutions in this regard including: Solar panels, heat pumps, energy saving lights etc. We also work with architects that design homes specifically with specific energy saving features in mind, that take full advantage of all natures elements to create a home that is environmentally friendly and “off the grid”.